Enter, Flemish Centre of Expertise on Accessibility

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Expertise on Accessibility

Enter inspires, informs and raises awareness

Organisations, public bodies, companies and private citizens, in short, anyone can contact us for all questions related to accessibility.

We've put at your disposal thematic websites and brochures and other publications in which we've devoted a lot of attention to innovative concepts and guidelines but also provide many practical tips and concrete applications for more accessibility.

Enter supports and collaborates

As a structural partner of the Flemish Ministry of Equal Opportunities, Enter plays an important role supporting policies on accessibility. Our goal is to integrate accessibility in all policy domains in order to establish a coherent and decisive Flemish accessibility policy. We also develop projects in collaboration with the private sector.

Enter researches

A performing policy starts with the identification and the evaluation of accessibility in different sectors. We keep a finger on the pulse for all issues related to accessibility in Flanders. We develop innovative accessibility concepts. Strongly embedded in an extensive international network, we also follow closely developments abroad.

The many faces of accessibility

Our environment is used every day by a huge diversity of people with different possibilities in many different situations. An accessible environment provides each and every person with an easy, a safe and a user friendly environment excluding no one.

This is the fundamental principle of a new design approach: Design for All. It is esthetically pleasing, functional and accessible. It is applicable to buildings, public areas, facilities and public transport but also to less tangible aspects such as communication, information and the supply of services. In order to guarantee full quality for each user, a well thought-out design, a thorough attention and a sharp eye for detail are essential. Accessibility requires a combination of decisive planning concepts, creative designers, a decisive policy and a strong engagement of users at all levels and in all sectors.

A public area for everyone

Design for the future

It is no longer acceptable to deny anyone an equal access to public buildings, places and services because of barriers affecting persons with disabilities or an advanced age. Moreover, investing in integral accessibility is absolutely necessary in this fast aging society.
For that reason Enter provides concrete instructions and a whole range of practical instruments to designers and builders. On our Accessible Building website (Dutch language), you will find the 'accessible building manual' that provides design recommendations and tools to apply the Flemish accessibility legislation.

Accessibility in Flanders mapped

The database 'Toegankelijk Vlaanderen' (Accessible Flanders) for existing buildings and spaces is an important tool for accessibility in Flanders. For users it is a source of reliable and objective information about the degree of accessibility of buildings and public spaces. Building owners gain an insight into the accessibility and quality levels of their building. They are also given practical advice for actions to improve the situation. For Flemish policy makers at all levels the database is instrumental for developing support measures and policy actions.

Living is creating opportunities

Adaptable housing

Building a house is shaping the future. Not only for its residents but also for the neighborhood, the community or to the city. Houses are built for many generations. For this reason a long term vision is essential.
Adaptable housing offers a response to demographic trends and the changing needs of residents. By integrating the principles of adaptable and flexible building into house design, houses are able to evolve with their residents instead of the other way around.
We've developed a design guide for architects (Dutch language)  in order to promote adaptable housing to all builders.

The Silver Key

Enter works hard for making it possible for the elderly to continue living independently in their own homes as long as possible. The interactive Dutch language website of the Silver Key offers a wealth of information going from practical tips for a safer and more comfortable home to information on new housing types and home adaptations.

Living with care

Enter works on the application of specific accessibility requirements for welfare and care services. It has a cooperation agreement with the Flemish Infrastructure Fund for Personal Issues (VIPA). We are also your partner for new residential care concepts.

An integrated approach to accessibility

Mobility, a vital link

Accessibility is one of the basic objectives of the Flemish mobility policy. In our role as Flemish Expert Centre we support the development of a coherent and accessible Flemish transport system, with accessible public transport and adapted door to door transport. Furthermore we develop guidelines for bus stops, crossings, pavements and other public facilities because mobility, accessibility and public infrastructure require an integrated approach.

Accessible urban projects

Concrete examples of villages or urban renewal projects built with accessibility taken into account are currently very scarce in Flanders. Enter breaks a lance for a multidisciplinary cross-sectoral approach because looking forward starts with a vision!

Please feel welcome to visit our thematic websites.